Energy & Sustainable Design Services.

Sustainable design and minimising energy usage are fundamental to reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring the welfare of future generations. Assessing the building physics using dynamic simulation models enables the optimum servicing strategies of a building to be determined to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions. The use of renewable technologies, such as photovoltaics, must also be evaluated to assess practicality.

An Environment-First Approach.

QED Engineering have a proven track record of delivering high quality, energy efficient and sustainable design solutions to meet the needs of individual project requirements. The engineers working for QED Engineering have extensive experience of the following:

  • Natural ventilation strategies.
  • Low and zero carbon design and technologies.
  • Energy modelling.
  • Thermal modelling.
  • Daylight modelling.
  • Part ‘L’ building regulations compliance.
  • Energy performance certificates.
  • BREEAM & DREAM compliance.
  • Photovoltaics and solar thermal.
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A People First Company.

Here at QED Engineering, we believe that people and the relationships we share between each other are the quintessential foundation of any business, and strive to do business with a people-over-profit attitude.

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An Adaptive Approach.

With a broad range of experience across multiple key market sectors, upon your initial enquiry, QED Engineering will assign a consultant to you who knows your specific industry and will stay with you throughout the project.

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Trusted and Accredited.

With over 100 satisfied clients and industry-level accreditation including CIBSE, IET, ICE and many more, you can rest assured that our team are fully qualified to handle any mechanical or electrical engineering tasks that are thrown our way.