3D Capture, Digital Twins & 360° Surveys.

The digitalisation of the construction industry presents many opportunities for increasing the efficiency and saving time in the construction, maintenance and management of buildings. The technology provides intuitive navigation and monitoring of projects through various stages, whilst enabling time and cost savings by allowing multiple disciplines to navigate a model surveyed during a single visit.

3D capture provides a single tool to manage the construction and management of buildings, with facilities to tag assets, add comments and embed external documents in a single location enabling quicker identification and resolution of issues. The digital twin facilitates the creation of BIM information by integrating with leading tools used by construction and real estate professionals in Autodesk and Procore. The model can also be used to verify the accuracy of or produce record information within existing buildings and sites.

Check out our sample model below and get in touch for more information on how we can help your business.

Creating a Digital Twin of your Physical Asset.

The 3D capture technology can be employed within a variety of scenarios throughout both the construction process and the operational use of buildings. Possible applications include:

  • Existing site surveys for refurbishment projects
  • Production of record information
  • Dilapidation and condition surveys
  • Monitoring progress of construction projects
  • Real estate and asset management
  • Facilities management
  • Remote staff training
  • Interactive walkthrough for marketing with google streetview integration

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